Travel directions according to MSN

10 01 2005

Making fun of Microsoft on a Monday morning is always a good way to start a work week.

  1. Go to
  2. Select Norway for the start country, haugesund for the start city.
  3. Select Norway for the end country, trondheim for the end city.
  4. Click the Get Directions button.

Just in case they fix it before you have a chance to see it live, here is a screenshot:




3 responses

6 12 2006
Agylen » The Scoble Effect

[…] Nice. Now if only I could get such inbound links to content more interesting than making fun of Microsoft, that would be great . […]

15 02 2007
Agylen » Travel directions according to Google

[…] A couple years ago I made fun of Microsoft for suggesting a trip across most of Northern Europe for going from Haugesund, Norway to Trondheim, Norway. It’s only fair then that I poke fun at Google now for suggesting that you cross Sydney Harbor (going via a toll bridge) if you merely want to go from 200 Sussex Street to 201 Sussex Street, which amounts to basically crossing the street. Google Embarrassed in Australia | TechCrunch: “Reporters at a Sydney, Australia newspaper discovered an embarrassing flaw in Google’s Map product – Google recommends a 10.4 kilometer trip, across the harbor and back, to go the thirty steps from Google’s Sydney headquarters to a hotel located across the street. The suggested route would also include a AU$3 bridge toll. Any query for driving directions from areas east, south or west of Google’s headquarters will suggest the same detour across the harbor, using a toll tunnel or bridge. […]

15 05 2007

How fun! Unfortunately they have fixed the problem. I’m from Boston so if I got directions such as those I might not think anything was wrong! LOL

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