There's only one Hani

22 02 2005

It takes style to “pull a Hani”. Unfortunately, some copycats are starting to appear who lack the style and wit of the original and sometimes even the ability to use a spellchecker, like the following moron
(from Google's cache, since he was caught in the act and proceeded to delete the post soon after):

If anyone ever tries to tell you that cocoon is good tell them to fuck off and get a life. It could be the best thing on earth but you wouldn't know as everyone who seem to be or has been involved with the project have been too busy being engaged in mutual feltching to actually explain to anyone how the fucking thing works.

Its such a rancid amalgamation of congealed wank-stains that it even comes with its own ant classes bundled with it as it would have fuck all chance of building in any normal sense of the word. The actual idea of a XSLT framework is a nice one, but just how much deprecated no good to man or beast shite do you need to produce a framework of this sort?

At the core of cocoon is avalon that excalibur was part of is now officially closed, and I suspect that exalibur will be heading the same way. Sorry cocoon folk but its a monumental fuck up, I have know idea why fuck wits who choose to use this stuff feel that they are in some way superior.





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