Chalk one more up for Steve

25 02 2005

The SP2 Nightmare: Why I Will Never Install Or Buy Again A Microsoft OS: “I am sincerely dismayed. Speechless. This Microsoft thing is just a nightmare. Not that I didn't know before…but when you hit your nose head into a thick glass wall you tend to realize with greater depth that what looks transparent…”

PowerBookPersonally, I've never used Windows seriously anymore since I started using Linux. With all the inconsistent GUIs, inferior apps and lesser hardware support, still Linux on my desktop keeps running day in, day out, without much of a thought or the need to continually tend to it, upgrade antivirus or anti-spyware and such. And since I got myself a Powerbook, I can even use MS Office and open Word documents and Powerpoint presentations without converting them in and out of OpenOffice. That is, until I can convice my coworkers to get a Mac and start using iWork ;).

(Via Robin Good's Latest News.)




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