Five Goals for

28 02 2005

Hypergene – Amazoning The News:

There are 5 basic goals that users come to the web for:

  1. Share […]
  2. Inform […]
  3. Create […]
  4. Entertain […]
  5. Transact […]

I'm noting this because these five goals might help to focus onto what I want to reach with

  1. Share: Let users share their knowledge and opinions about Open Source projecs.
  2. Inform: Of course providing information is the main goal of
  3. Create: Users must be able to participate in the creation of the information that the site provides.
  4. Entertain: Software need not be boring. We can use some of the mockups on the article's site as sources of inspiration.
  5. Transact: Buy and sell? Not products for money, probably, but maybe some kind of reputation.

In one of the next posts, I will try to explain how we can use the Five Rules for Net Engagement as tools that will allow us to reach the five goals.

(Hat tip to Robin Good for the link)




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