Hibernate 3.0 released!

28 02 2005

Hibernate logo

Hibernate 3.0 released!: “Hibernate 3.0 is the world's most sophisticated ORXM (Object/Relational/XML Mapping) solution. Hibernate3 makes it easier than ever before for Java applications to interact with persistent data, allowing a single definition of the transformation between various in-memory representations of the entity data and the relational schema, even in the case of very complex legacy schemas and schemas for historical data or data with visibility rules. Hibernate3 also provides the most comprehensive object/relational query functionality, with three full-featured query facilities: Hibernate Query Language, the newly enhanced Hibernate Criteria Query API, and enhanced support for queries expressed in the native SQL dialect of the database.”

If you've been following this blog, you certainly know that I'm a big Hibernate fan. So I'm very excited about this release and can't wait to start using Hibernate 3. Before I start using it in production, however, I will have to wait for a Spring release with Hibernate 3 support, but I hear that's not so far away, fortunately.




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