Shipping Software or How Microsoft Lost the API War

3 03 2005

Markl's Thoughts: Shipping Software: “I would argue that Microsoft used to know how to ship software, but the world has changed… The companies that 'know how to ship software' are the ones to watch. They have embraced the network, deeply understand the concept of 'software as a service', and know how to deliver incredible value to their customers efficiently and quickly.”

There's nothing surprising in this blog post, actually. You could have seen it coming a few months ago: “None of this bodes well for Microsoft and the profits it enjoyed thanks to its API power. The new API is HTML, and the new winners in the application development marketplace will be the people who can make HTML sing.”

(I wonder whether this is a meme among ex-Microsofties).

Get Firefox
This is true now and is going to become more and more important with the diffusion of “Ajax” as a serious development model. The browser battle is starting anew and Microsoft is going to lose some serious turf unless it can bring its browser up to date with respect to the latest XHTML, DOM and CSS specs. Right now, as a developer, you can read specs and have a reasonable expectation that what you read actually works in Mozilla/Firefox. But if you need to support IE, you are going to pull your hair out, google a lot for workarounds and generally have a very bad time.

(Via Scripting News.)




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17 07 2005
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Here’s someone else acknowledging what someone wrote some time ago: “The new API is HTML”. […]

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