Blogging is a fad

9 03 2005

beach_drink.jpgThe Blah-Blah Blog: Inaugural blah-blah blog: “Contrary to the belief of spiral-eyed blog believers, blogging +is+ a fad. It will fade. Check with me in ten years, and then we can determine if blogging has survived the classic PC industry cycle of emerge/fad/fade. Can you say 'Netscape'? Sure you can.”

Of course it's a fad. It will fade into the background, metamorphose into something else, or disappear. In ten years, maybe less. No doubt about that.

So what? Much of what we do today is a fad. Does this mean that we should give up blogging? Should we stop using it as an alternative news source and rely entirely on “real journalism”, whatever that means? Should we give up trying to build a social network through blogging?

But in the end,who cares if I'm still blogging and reading blogs in ten years? I hope to be rich and sipping a drink under the Caribbean sun in ten years, not spending nights attached to a laptop 😉




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