semi-official launch

11 03 2005

It sure needs more work, but I've decided to bite the bullet and go live with the new website. I hope that this announcement will generate some traffic and maybe uncover some bugs.

The new website is nothing more than a simpleminded proxy made with Apache Cocoon that queries a Confluence wiki in the backend using XML-RPC and dresses it up in nice colors. You can still get at the wiki using as a hostname. If traffic starts building up I will need to implement some form of caching, but for now this will do, as the proxy and the wiki are running on the same machine.

Feature-wise, the current version of is nothing more than a wiki with a pretty frontend. Planned features like reviews, ratings, comments, blogs and other collaborative, social tools will come in the next months. Stay tuned!

What is

If you are a developer looking for an Open Source library, framework or toolkit which might help you with your current project, there is probably something out there that fits your needs, if only you could find it.

Sure, there are some places like Freshmeat or SourceForge, that list a large number of products. The problem is that sometimes it's hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, to see which projects are alive rather than dormant or dead; which ones have a diverse, thriving community behind and which ones are basically one-man-jobs; which ones grew from real needs and which ones are simply abandonware products that some company decided to opensource rather than bury at the end of their lives.

The problem is that it's currently hard to find the correct project that suits your needs. But really that's only because someone hasn't come up with the Amazon type storefront and built that in front of the repositories, so you can search and find the project you may need. And even if the project is run by someone on a remote island on his own – who cares – it might be exactly what you were looking for to build that particular solution someone really needs.'s aim is to create a storefront for access to Open Source projects. The storefront will have the same level of participation that users give back to Amazon or iTunes by providing their personal feedback in form of reviews, ratings, comments, developers who liked this project also liked this other one.

Our intended audience is developers and we focus on infrastructure software: libraries, toolkits, frameworks and environments that can help a developer build applications quickly, reusing robust, tested and widely used components.




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