Is Feng Shui bullshit?

19 03 2005

Just found this great skeptic blog: Skeptico. One of the posts there talks about debunking Feng Shui:

Skeptico: Featured DVD – Penn & Teller: “They certainly get their message across. For example, in the segment on feng shui, they call in three feng shui experts to rearrange furniture in the same Californian house. No one who sees this program will forget how each of the three feng shui experts comes up with completely different arrangements of furniture – each expert supposedly using the same feng shui ‘science’. Especially telling was how the first feng shui expert said that the red sofa was bad for the family – she mentioned several health problems that would result. Then the second one said the red color was ‘absolutely perfect’. What a hoot. Does this prove that feng shui is bullshit? Well no, of course not. To do that you would need a much bigger experiment. But it’s not the job of Penn & Teller or anyone else to prove that feng shui is nonsense; if feng shui experts want us to believe in it, it is up to them to provide evidence that it does work. What P&T do is demonstrate the general idea of how things should be tested. And they make it pretty clear that they think feng shui failed the test.”

Sigh, I was starting to convince myself that an iMac G5 in my office room would have raised its Feng Shui quotient … I'll have to think again 😉

(Via Seth.)




4 responses

7 01 2009

yea, feung shui is bull shit.
They say heavy metal is bad for you’re fung shui, and i KNOW thats bull shit. i can listen to whatever the hell i want

6 05 2009

feng shui is 100% bullshit and should not be taken seriously. It’s another reason for “experts” to take your money. The P&T episode proves it whether you like it or not. It is the best possible experiment to test that bullshit.

16 07 2011

at the most basic level feng shui is probably derived from a legitimate common perception. that being a basic human sensitivity to geomagnetic fields. beyond that it’s all a bunch of arbitrary nonsense. toss in some profit motive and it’s a fine recipe for a con.

6 05 2012

Well, all such ‘sciences’ can trace their origins to the stupidity that lies at the core of humans. People just want to believe in some sort of magical stuff that will put paid to all their woes. Unfortunately, such peudo-science is here to stay as long as human race exists.

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