Joho on WordPress

1 04 2005

When I was posting my opinion on the WordPress Affair yesterday, I was a bit afraid I was going to say something embarrassing. After all, the issue involves things like money, feelings, trust and reputation. You have to be careful, show some tolerance and avoid the easy path of outrage and indignation. Add to that the fact that it was 2 AM, which does not help with clarity of mind.

Anyway, I was relieved this morning when I read David Weinberger's opinion on the issue, which is pretty much similar to mine (emphasis mine):

We're all human. But I don't think the problem is that WordPress made some money. It's the fact that link farms make one of our tools, Google, less useful. And it's the lack of transparency.

[…] So, IMO, WordPress made a mistake. The mistake definitely wasn't making money. It was making money in a way that works against the interests of the Web community. As Shelley says, that doesn't make the WordPress code any worse, and I may switch from Movable Type to WordPress at some point. Forgiveness is totally in order. Yet the abrading of joy does matter.

WordPress code is indeed quite good. Well, at least judging from how well it works: I never looked at the source code itself. So much that I am seriously considering switching this blog — and possibly also this one, while this one is already on it — to WordPress.

When I do, I might also consider doing a donation, given that the ads I have here are starting to bring in a little money. Since I was the first to invoke transparency, I will reveal that “a little money” means about $60 in the last month.




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