Lepido, an IDE for Apache Cocoon

5 04 2005

Today, Sylvain publicly announced the creation of the Lepido project:

The Lepido project is a proposed open source project under the Eclipse Technology Project.

[…] The purpose of this project is therefore to build a set of opensource tools to ease the development of web applications with Apache Cocoon. These tools will include wizards to quickly lay out a project structure, dedicated editors for the various XML files involved in application development, and runtime tools such as debuggers or profilers. Lepido will provide a usable feature set along with an extensible framework to build new editors and features.

I think a good toolset can do much to ease the acceptance of Cocoon among developers. So, welcome Lepido!

On related news, the sixth milestone release of Eclipse 3.1 has also been announced today. I hope it fixes the problems I've been having lately with M5, namely: losing preferences, not reloading changed files after a CVS commit, slow startup time.



One response

12 08 2005

Please give me the link where from i can download the Lepido

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