A missing link found … wait, there's two!

8 04 2005

Just found two interesting pieces of news on our origins. Here’s to those creationists who are still babbling about the so-called missing link and how it supposedly reveals a hole in the theory of evolution. Not that I would expect any of them to be so smart as to change their minds when confronted with evidence. They have faith and wouldn’t care about evidence even if it hit them right on the head.

dmanisi.jpgPharyngula::Old Man of Georgia: “A fabulously interesting hominin skull has been found at the Dmanisi site in Georgia. It’s old in two different and significant ways: the individual lived 1.77 million years ago, and he was ancient at death, almost completely toothless. He’d also been toothless for several years before death, judging by the complete resorption of the tooth sockets.”

Science News Article | Reuters.com: “New evidence shows a 7 million year-old skull unearthed in Chad is the earliest member of the human family, scientists said Wednesday.

Controversy has surrounded the skull, dubbed ‘Toumai,’ since its discovery was first reported in 2002 by a team led by Michel Brunet of the University of Poitiers in France.

It was hailed as arguably the most important fossil discovery in living memory because it was thought to be an ancient ancestor of modern humans, although some scientists argued it was a fossil of a female ape.

But newly found remains of tooth and jaw fragments and a computer reconstruction of the skull, reported in the science journal Nature, suggest Toumai was more human than ape.”




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