8 04 2005

After a long afternoon’s work, everything is moved to the new hosting provider, earlier than expected. I’d especially like to thank:

  • Bertrand, for referring me to Bytemark. Nice service so far, but I noticed Apache dies every night while trying to rotate logs. I need to fix it soon.
  • Stefano, for installing and configuring the necessary software.
  • WordPress, a truly great software package. In particular, it’s “import from RSS” feature was great when it came to migrating all the old posts.
  • WP Themes, for their nice Connections theme. I’ll have to change the header graphic, though, in order to distinguish myself from the countless other sites that will certainly use it.
  • Apache’s mod_rewrite, which lets me redirect people still coming through the old URLs to the right page. The new URLs are much cooler, by the way.

I still need to move most of the old pages to the new categories, one by one. I will do it little by little in the coming days.

If you spot troubles, please leave a comment here or mail me.




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