Ajax in Cocoon: dead simple!

14 04 2005

Sylvain Wallez: Ajax in Cocoon: dead simple!: “Today, I added Ajax support to Cocoon, starting with form handling.”

Sylvain as Mr.IncredibleIf you’re not familiar with Cocoon Forms, let me tell you why this is important and not just the latest indulgence to a passing fad. We actually discussed adding this to Cocoon Forms at the latest GetTogether, long before the term Ajax was even invented.

Cocoon Forms is arguably the coolest web forms framework out there that is entirely HTML-based. In other words it is compatible with most browsers and does not require plugins, XForms support or other proprietary extensions, which can be very important.

Cocoon Forms makes it very easy to add some amount of dynamism to forms, ranging from simple cascading drop-downs (selecting an item in a drop-down list causes another list’s contents to change) to repeaters (repeating sets of input fields where you can add, remove and move items) and to more exotic use cases like unions (sort of variants).

All very cool, but whenever the structure of a form changes, a complete HTTP request-response cycle is executed and this has some unpleasant side-effects:

  1. A round-trip to the server and back can be slow.
  2. The entire page is refreshed and you lose input focus and scrollbar position.
  3. The back button does not bring you back to the page before the form, but to the previous version of the form itself.

This is where using XMLHttpRequest comes into play. Using it, you can refresh only the portion of the form that needs changing and you can do it much faster, resolving all of the above-mentioned annoyances. The fact that XMLHttpRequest support in Cocoon Forms is completely transparent, as far as I understand, and falls back to the traditional behavior when the browser does not support it, is simply incredible.

Kudos to Sylvain for coming up with this brilliant solution which will undoubtedly strengthen Cocoon’s position as the most powerful web application development platform!




3 responses

17 04 2005
Sylvain Wallez

Thanks Ugo! And thanks to Stefano also for this picture that I guess will stay around on the net for a long time 😉

17 04 2005
Sylvain Wallez

Super hero of the day

Feels good to sometime be the super-hero of the day :-)This fake was made by Stefano back in January

29 04 2005
mohan dodderi

pls publish or send some examples,where we can refresh only the portion of the form that needs changing .

congrats for the great effort

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