No Tiger for Tiger or …?

14 04 2005

Some people are lamenting that the upcoming OS X 10.4 (a.k.a. Tiger) release won’t include Java5 (a.k.a. Tiger).

Bruce Werner: “Apple is on an upswing with code monkeys like me, with Powerbooks turning in to the developer tool of choice for Java development, both J2EE and j2SE. So why is Apple falling flat on the Java front? Waiting till OS X 10.4 released is barely permissable, but not including Java 5.0 in even this OS release but perhaps releasing a Technology Preview is inexcusable. This has been a part of some heated debate in the Java community, and rightfully so. Either just put it in /usr/local/ and seed it out to Sun and backport the CoreAudio.jar as Technology Previews, or step up to the plate, SWT looks better in Max OSX anyway, and that had no Sun or Apple involvement.”

Others are saying that it will. I’m confused. I know that people who have put their hands on a nearly-final release of Tiger are probably under an NDA, but maybe someone could leave here an anonymous comment.




2 responses

14 04 2005
Christian Stocker should answer your question (yes, it will be available, as a seperate package)


14 04 2005
Adrian Sutton

Noone who was paying attention expected Java 1.5 to ship with OS X 10.4 (though plenty of people weren’t paying attention). Apple publicly announced separate developer previews for OS X 10.4 and Java 1.5 which made it pretty clear they weren’t being packaged together.

Of course a whole bunch of people failed to understand just because Java 1.5 depends on OS X 10.4, doesn’t mean that it will ship with it.

sigh. People somehow become totally irrational when it comes to new Java releases and I’m really not sure why.


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