Time for a new Mac?

14 04 2005

Apple iMac.jpgThinkSecret does not seem to be scared by the recent lawsuits. Indeed, they are revealing juicy news about a revamped line of iMacs to be announced short after Tiger’s relase:

ThinkSecret: “As first reported over a month ago, the updated iMac G5, code-named Q45 C/D, will reach 2GHz, while video memory is doubled to 128MB and the card itself upgraded to ATI’s Radeon 9600. All models will also feature Bluetooth 2.0 and will ship pre-installed with Tiger and iLife ’05.”

I am seriously considering getting myself one of the new models, as soon as they are available. I’ll be moving much of my development work on a Mac soon, and my PowerBook is nice but not fit for long hours of coding.

On related news, GMSV reports about the latest Apple earning reports:

SiliconValley.com | 04/14/2005 | Latest Apple earnings require liquid cooling: “More astonishing were Apple’s overall computer sales; the company sold 1 million Macs — a four-year high and 43 percent increase over the same period last year. Forty percent of those were sold to customers who had never owned a Mac before.”

Way to go, Steve!




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