Linux Can't Kill Windows

15 04 2005

For the life of me, I can’t make heads nor tails of this article:

Tom Yager.gifTom Yager: “But no matter how much money and dedication is poured into Linux, it will never put a dent in Windows’ mind share or market share because Linux is an operating system, a way — and probably the best way — to make system hardware do what it’s told. But you can’t turn Linux into a platform even if you brand it, box it, and put a pricey sticker on it.”

One thing is to kill Windows — which I agree won’t happen anytime soon — quite another is to put a dent in it’s market share, especially if we’re talking about server market share, as seems to be the case here. I think Linux is quite happily putting a big dent in the server market share. Someone might argue that this is at the expense of other Unices, like Solaris or SCO, but I tend to think that traditional Unix would have lost that market anyway, and to Windows mostly. So, Linux is taking away potential Windows market share, at least.

And more:

Businesses and organizations of all sizes need consistent, predictable, scalable, self-contained platforms for server solutions. Windows wins.

I never thought Windows could have been dubbed “consistent, predictable, scalable”. Might have been smoking something all these years, seeing lots and lots of Linux installations delivering consistent, predictable and scalable results. Hmmm…

There is only one platform that can stand toe-to-toe with Windows, and that’s the combination of OS X and Java.

As much as I love developing in Java under OS X, there’s no doubt that when it comes to deploying on a server, Linux + Java wins hands down over OS X, especially if you want Java5 or if you want as many MHz as money can buy. And if you’re talking about the client, how many Java applications are you running on OS X day in, day out?





2 responses

15 04 2005
Henri Yandell

I pretty much translated his opinion as:

“Linux cannot beat Windows because Linux is just a kernel”

So the correct reply is:

“Yes, but Linspire, Novell-SuSE, Red Hat, Mandriva can beat Windows”

15 04 2005
Hary Fuecks

So the correct reply is:

“Yes, but Linspire, Novell-SuSE, Red Hat, Mandriva can beat Windows”

Excepting perhaps Linspire, where those other distros fail, IMO, is in understanding the human elements that make a software product a success (something Micrsoft does very well). That doesn’t just mean “the right features” (where MS is starting to lag these days) but more stuff like “the right appeal”.

Firefox is one app that has that appeal.

The first really promising distro I’ve seen, which I think could become what Firefox is to Mozilla, is Ubuntu ( It begins with the picture they have on their home page.

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