16 04 2005

I’m marking a small milestone with this post, being my 200th since I resumed blogging seriously at the beginning of 2005. Two hundred posts in a little more than three months is not bad, also considering that I am writing a little also here and here.

Traffic is increasing, albeit very very slowly. I expected to get much more hits from Google and other search engines after three months, but this is not happening yet. I am wondering whether I am still inside Google’s sandbox. Two hundred pages should give search engines plenty of content to index, yet I get hits for just a handful of keywords.

Most of the traffic actually comes from a few online aggregators: javablogs.com, Planet Apache and Artima Developer Buzz, mainly. This means that if I don’t post regularly, traffic vanishes very quickly.

After a short burst of enthusiasm about AdSense revenues at the end of March, the CTR for ads displayed here dropped dramatically :(. I’m currently experimenting with different ad positioning strategies, hoping to keep getting enough clicks to cover web hosting fees, at the very least. Being able to pay for the time I’m spending here would be great, but this is still far far away as a goal. Got to be patient.




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