Re: What the bleep do we know?

21 04 2005

It’s interesting to see how normally smart people can be easily duped:“Dion”): What the bleep do we know?: “I got to see a film that I have wanted to see for awhile now: What the bleep do we know?!.

This is part documentary, part story, part exploration.

It is my kind of movie. One where you are actually encouraged to THINK while you suck it all in. Imagine that.”

Sorry, Dion, you’re a very competent guy when it comes to Java and server-side programming in general, but you’ve been had. What the bleep do we know is not a documentary, it’s not a story and it’s not an exploration. It’s simply a very long infomercial for a cult:

Skeptico: What the (Bleep) Were They Thinking?: “I can answer that now. They were thinking that if they made a film using the word “quantum” a lot, plus plenty of feel-good drivel they would (a) make a ton of money (not that they are short of the stuff), and (b) gain more recruits to their loony-tunes cult. This is probably one of the few things they got right.”

Dion, I hope you’re a bit more skeptical when evaluating application servers or databases than you’ve been evaluating that film. Cheers.




One response

21 04 2005
Dion Almaer

Hi –

By thinking a movie is interesting, and gives you something to think about, doesn’t mean:

a) That you have to believe in any, or all of it
b) That you go out and join any cults

I hope that we can be open minded enough to read/watch/.. many sources and make our own minds up.

This is the key. All I have to go on are my own experiences, and I have to make sense of things via those.

The same goes for evaluating application servers 😉 Rather than believing benchmarks etc, you have to get your own evidence and make up your own mind.



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