Out of the Sandbox – new Google PageRank

23 04 2005

Out of the Sandbox – new Google PageRank: “We are waiting now to see what the effect will be on traffic. However, we’re glad to have this obstacle out of the way. It is a frustrating situation; it is completely not within the control of any well-planned SEO strategy to combat the sandbox. Unfortunately, the data on the sandbox phenomenon is not documented. It may not happen to everyone. And its length is really independent of the blog age, as we’ve found. All of our blogs, started at different times, came out with PageRank with the new index.”

I discovered yesterday that the PageRank for this blog went finally from 0 to 5. Nice, but it doesn’t seem like it’s making a lot of a difference in terms of hits from Google searches. I think we can conclude, once and for all, that the Google Toolbar’s PageRank indicator is almost completely useless as a predictor of search results positioning.




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23 04 2005

From my point of view this means that google in its inside continuously updates PRs therefore the visible update to the final user does not imply nothing

20 07 2005
Sudipta Banerjee

My websites pagerank has moved down to 0 from 3. Any idea how long will it take to update pagerank in all datacenters of google.

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