Happy Birthday Dave

2 05 2005

50th-birthday.jpgI’m one day late with this, but I’ll blame it on the time zone difference. Anyway, here are my Best Wishes for your big fifty, Dave!

Dave Winer: “If you want to wish me a happy birthday, first, let me say, thank you, mazel tov, a blessing back at ya, namaste and let’s have fun. I have one request, which I get to make because it’ll be my birthday tomorrow, and I’m getting in practice for one day of pure selfishness. Instead of sending an email, if you have a blog, how about posting your wishes on your blog with a link to mine? I could always use some more flow, and I’d love to climb a few notches on the Technorati list, truth be told.”

Even though I rarely agree with what you write, especially your endless whining about how Google et. al. are perverting your RSS brainchild ;), I must say that I’ll be glad if, when I’m turning 50 eight years from now, I’ll be able to turn back and see that I’ve accomplished one tenth of what you’ve done.




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