New Italian Health Minister endorses quackery

5 05 2005

Our new Health Minister, Francesco Storace, is leaving no stone unturned in the effort of making us regret his predecessor. This time, he’s sponsoring a complete quackery like the “Di Bella” method for the cure of cancer, which has been demonstrated again and again to be completely ineffective and outright dangerous.

Not only that, but he wants the state to fully refund the purchase of Somatostatin by patients. Thus, public money will be diverted from the support of useful care and research to the promotion of quackery. How sad.

Agenzia Giornalistica Italia: “(AGI) – Rome, Italy, May 4 – ‘The son of Dr. Di Bella asked me to include somatostatin in Group A. The experts will soon decide what to do’ said Health Minister Francesco Storace in an interview with the weekly magazine ‘Tempo Medico’, thus shedding new light on the issue. Storace has always been a supporter of the Di Bella cure, and allocated 2 mln euro – when he was Lazio regional governor – to allow low income group people to purchase the medecine. Other supporters now ask him that the therapy be acknowledged at a national level. ‘I have always said – he said – it is right to grant freedom of choice, because hope cannot be denied. In Lazio, we refunded low income groups for the purchase of somatostatin. Dr.Giuseppe Di Bella, son of Dr. Luigi Di Bella, already asked to include it in Group A’. ‘A special commission will get working on the case, I hope a decision will be reached soon’. The Di Bella treatment was turned down in 1999, after the Health Ministry tested it and declared it was inefficient: a decision which the supporters of the cure have always protested against.”

Articles on the Di Bella method:




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12 05 2005
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