More on the Di Bella cancer "cure"

11 05 2005

After last week’s news about the new Italian Health Minister and the “Di Bella” cure for cancer, I was wondering why the main television networks hadn’t already picked up on it. Well, tonight the issue is the main topic of Bruno Vespa’s Porta a Porta talk show, and the Minister is right there in front of the cameras.

I hope they have invited some reasonable, opposing voices, but given the show’s fondness for sensationalism and quackery, I’m not too confident. If I don’t grow too upset and turn the TV off, I’ll try to post an update later.

Update: after a couple hours’ debate, some points seem to be established, despite a fair amount of handwaving on the Minister’s part about censorship and physicians wanting to keep patients in the dark.

First, apart from some statistically insignificant cases, the cocktail of chemicals used by Di Bella is mostly useless and sometimes harmful. Taken in isolation, some of them do have beneficial effects, but they are the same that are used in traditional chemotherapy.

Second, financial and human resources should be better used for the advancement of serious scientific research instead of spreading false hopes.




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