Seth's New eBook is ready

16 05 2005

knock.jpgSeth’s Blog: Seth’s New eBook is ready: “My new ebook is ready.

It’s called KNOCK KNOCK, Seth Godin’s Incomplete Guide to Building a Web Site That Works. It costs $9 and you can buy a copy by clicking this handy button.”

OK, Seth, I’m really tempted and $9 is nothing, but give us a sneak preview, a table of contents, a free chapter, just to overcome the psychological threshold and click that Paypal button ;).

Buy now!




4 responses

19 05 2005
Phil Gott

I’m an avid reader of your books – I think I have them all – and I would love to read your latest one, particularly as I’m looking to redesign my web site.
However, the only way to get your book seems to be via PayPal. PayPal is no pal of mine. We just don’t get on. To “reactivate” my account I have to send a photo ID, utility bills, etc then wait 7 days. All because I don’t remember my password. I’m just not going to go through that.
Is there any way I can the e-book without getting any more stressed with PayPal?

23 05 2005

I too have really enjoyed your prior works. However, I would prefer to download the book directly from you so that I can read it on my PDA as with several other books I have enjoyed. Where can I purchase the book in an electronic format for either my PDA or my laptop computer?

23 05 2005


Follow-up. The book I am looking for in digital format is All Marketers are Liars.

23 05 2005

People, I’m not Seth Godin! Seth’s blog is linked from my post.

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