Gosling on Harmony

18 05 2005

Image1-large.jpegIt seems now clear to me that James Gosling, as previously demostrated, does not have a clue when it comes to Open Source and his latest remarks confirm this.

Thanks to J Aaron Farr for nailing down his FUD about the GPL (since when has the ASF distributed GPL code?) and his ridiculous claim that by opensourcing Java, “any old person could check in stuff”.

On the other hand, I still have doubts about the supposed “clear need” for an Open Source J2SE claimed by Harmony supporters.

To me, it’s all about risks. While there’s a risk of Sun folding down or being acquired and stopping all Java development, the risk of spending an inordinate amount of time and energy on a project that — assuming it ever produces a release — won’t deliver much more than what Sun’s JVM delivers right now is much bigger. Of course, I might be wrong.




One response

17 05 2007
Agylen » Who Cares About Sun Open-Sourcing Java?

[…] Gosling confirms again that he’s not particularly smart when talking about Open Source, as already mentioned here and here. However I’m happy to learn that he changed his stance from this: We’ve got several thousand man-years of engineering in [Java], and we hear very strongly that if this thing turned into an open source project—where just any old person could check in stuff—they’d all freak. They’d all go screaming into the hills. […]

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