The Open Source Zone enters beta

3 06 2005

Sporting a new name and a new domain, The Open Source Zone (the website formerly known as is officially starting today its beta testing period.

Quoting from the home page:

The Open Source Zone’s aim is to create a storefront for access to Open Source projects. The storefront will have the same level of participation that users give back to Amazon or iTunes by providing their personal feedback in form of reviews, ratings, comments, developers who liked this project also liked this other one.

In the coming days, most of the work will consist of adding more content (which is sorely lacking) and fixing the (hopefully few) bugs that will pop up.

If you feel like contributing, the site is open in pure wiki style: no registration and no email confirmation. Just click on Add new project or contribute a review.




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4 06 2005
Agylen » The Open Source Zone: Day 2

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After yesterday’s announcement, things are going really smooth. We added a bunch o […]

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