The Open Source Zone: Day 2

4 06 2005

oszone-beta.gifAfter yesterday’s announcement, things are going really smooth. We added a bunch of projects and had some external submissions as well. I’d just like to invite people to be accurate when submitting a new item: Java is not the same as C++ and please write down a brief description for each new item. Copying an excerpt from a project’s website is OK, as long as you link to it.

If you don’t feel like contributing, please link to it. We badly need some traffic to test how it all behaves under stress.

We also released a couple bugfixes, but overall the application is behaving surprisingly well. Having few bugs to fix means I’ll have more time to develop new features or polish the UI.

See you on The Open Source Zone!




One response

6 06 2005
Jon Dowland

Glad to see oszone is really taking off! halfcoded is on hiatus until the server it sits on is upgraded to debian sarge, then ruby 1.8 is handy. We decided to not bother developing under 1.6, since we’d have so many changes to make once sarge became stable.

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