The Mirra Chair

7 06 2005


Alright, now that I’ve settled on the iMac for my desktop system, it’s time to think about the furniture of my new home office. Priority #1: The chair. As I was in Milan this afternoon and had a couple of hours to spend, I looked up the address of the local Herman Miller dealer and payed them a visit.

By the way, I hope to help them with their ridiculous Google ranking (which is to be expected, given a Flash-only website, what nonsense!) by giving them a link. Will I get a bigger discount after this? I don’t think so, but it’s worth trying ;).

Amenities aside, I did a brief test of the Aeron and Mirra chairs and what can I say? I’m hooked! I don’t want anything else now. I will probably buy a Mirra, especially after having read this review at Pixelsurgeon. Compared to the Aeron, if offers less choices of size and finish, but is much cheaper and equally comfortable.

I also learned that Herman Miller manufactures a number of very nice furniture pieces, so I’m going to peruse the catalogs a bit and then ask the dealer for an offer for the furnishing of the whole office, hoping to get more favorable terms this way.




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8 06 2005
Anton Tagunov

You’ve got me interested. Found who sells ’em in Moscow – darn – no price on their site – called – well 1’100 – 1’300 euro – not really a price for me – it’s a pity I can’t justify spending _that_ much especially knowning that 90% of time I spend at work in the office not at home… How much do they cost in Italy?

8 06 2005

The Mirra starts at about 700 euros (list price, plus VAT) and more if you add options. Given how things tend to work here, I would expect to have a discount comparable to the VAT (20%) or more.

The Aeron starts from more than 1000 euros and can go to much more than that as it has many more options available.

16 06 2005
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21 06 2005
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29 07 2005
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29 12 2005

Have you really tried the Aeron Chair, though? The online reviews I read mostly said it was better.

We wrote about the Aeron Chair on our blog – take a look if you want to.

Happy sitting,

Amy (& Drew)

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