ApacheCon EU 2005: Getting Up to Speed with Apache Geronimo – Tom McQueeney

20 07 2005

I’m not really into J2EE application servers, but I have an interest in following what’s happening in this field, since from time to time it happens that one of your applications needs to be deployed inside one of them. Open Source J2EE appservers, in particular, are becoming more and more used. Though Geronimo is the new kid on the block, it seems to have enough momentum to become a worthwhile competitor to the established leader in this field: JBoss.

I even briefly considered exploring GBeans as a mechanism for enabling Cocoon “Real Blocks” once. Even though it seems like we’re headed in the OSGi direction, it might still be cool to be able to deploy the Cocoon core as a GBean inside Geronimo.




2 responses

20 07 2005
James Strachan

BTW you might wanna track the gbeans.org project…


which is a lightweight kernel for Geronimo which is gonna implement OSGi as well as working with the Geronimo and Spring containers and JMX

20 07 2005
James Strachan

whoops, I mean


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