On having a contingency plan

29 07 2005

Case 1: I just discovered that I cannot call abroad using my home phone. The telephone company (Wind) asserts that my line is not limited in any way, so there’s apparently a technical issue but they cannot open a new ticket if I don’t call them again with the same problem and not before another 24 hours.

They also have a website for customers, where I could probably check the status of my account, but they require you to register first and then call an 800 number to get your password. Huh? Anyway, the 800 number rings busy.

Luckily, I have a cell phone that can call abroad without problems. And there’s always SkypeOut.

Case 2: My Amex credit card expires this Sunday and I haven’t received the new one yet. I called them and they said that I should receive it real soon now, but if I haven’t got it by Monday or Tuesday, I should call again and ask for another copy to be sent.

Problem: On Monday I am leaving for Rome where I should rent a car and they want a valid credit card for that. Luckily, I have a Mastercard also that won’t expire before 2007.

Moral of the story: Having a contingency plan is good.




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