Irrationality rules

12 08 2005

You’ve got to love those Americans. On one hand, you can almost see scores of European, Indian and Chinese students partying at the thought that their U.S. counterparts will be educated by schools that put bigotry, dogma and pseudo-scientific nonsense like Intelligent Design on the same plane as sound scientific theories:

Kansas moves to stem role of evolution in teaching: “OVERLAND PARK, Kansas (Reuters) – After months of debate over science and religion, the Kansas Board of Education has tentatively approved new state science standards that weaken the role evolution plays in teaching about the origin of life.

The 10-member board must still take a final vote, expected in either September or October, but a 6-4 vote on Tuesday that approved a draft of the standards essentially cemented a victory for conservative Christian board members who say evolution is largely unproven and can undermine religious teachings about the origins of life on earth.

‘We think this is a great development … for the academic freedom of students,’ said John West, senior fellow of the Discovery Institute, which supports intelligent design theory.”

If the attack on biology succeeds. as seems to be the case, chemistry and physics cannot be too far away. Every branch of science that aims to explain nature without the need for supernatural factors (that is, all of them) can be attacked using the same tactics as are being used against evolution. Can’t explain the Big Bang? Must have been God.

The net effect will be a general decrease in the quality of education. You cannot have graduates who are smart, educated and believe in ID at the same time. In the end, jobs that require smart people will move overseas.

And, as if this type of irrational behavior wasn’t enough, you can have more of the same:

Carbon emissions from US autos on the rise – report: “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Emissions of heat-trapping carbon dioxide from U.S. cars and trucks soared 25 percent between 1990 and 2003 as more vehicles hit the roads and consumers flocked to gas-guzzling sport utility vehicles, a U.S. environmental group said on Wednesday.”

I’ve never been too fond of “global warming” theories, but you should at least give them the benefit of doubt. And in any case, it doesn’t take a Nobel prize to realize that oil is becoming scarcer and more expensive every day, so it would be wise to conserve it.




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12 08 2005

Your assertion that “You cannot have graduates who are smart, educated and believe in ID at the same time” is false. I suppose this depends on your definition of “smart” and “educated” but if you intend to restrict those terms to only those who hold no irrational, false, or unproven beliefs true, then you will by definition exclude everyone from such traits. The conditions of “accepting ID” and “being smart and educated” are not mutually exclusive. One could perhaps be smarter and more educated by seeing ID for what it really is, but your initial statement is a bit excessive and, like ID, isn’t backed up by any research. Why don’t we just leave it to the facts? ID isn’t science and shouldn’t be taught as such. ’nuff said.

12 08 2005

It might be excessive, but please forgive me some amount of rhetorical exaggeration. If it were enough to say that ID isn’t science and shouldn’t be taught as such, we wouldn’t have rulings like the Kansas one.

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