Ben Hammersley on RSS, Web 2.0 and the Future of Media

14 10 2005

Marcello and BenLast night I went to Milan to attend a talk by Ben Hammersley on RSS, Web 2.0 and the Future of Media.

Ben is a brilliant speaker and the subject of the speech was interesting and provocative enough, at least if you haven’t been already exposed for a while to the discourse about RSS, blogs, the Web 2.0 hype, podcasting, citizen journalism and the like. To some people in the audience, it sure seemed provoking, judging from the questions. The idea that the business model of mainstream media is completely screwed just didn’t sink in to most people, yet.

To me and a few others it was more like a reminder and nice summary of what it’s all about.

Many thanks to the Java User Group Milano for organizing the event. They did a good job of promoting it, as there was standing room only, even though the room was rather small. I guess more than one hundred people attended and about thirty of them turned up for the subsequent “pizzata”.




3 responses

14 10 2005

I’ve made a post on my blog… in italian
Ben, brilliant !!!

14 10 2005

Ben Hammersley e Web 2.0… ovvero SOA

16 10 2005

Ciao!… anch’io c’ero e ho scritto qualcosa sul mio blog

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