Flying Spaghetti Monster car plaque

14 10 2005


Coming Soon!

For all the Pastafarians out there! Molded black plastic, 5′ long, raised chrome, adhesive strip.

(Via Skeptico.)




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26 11 2005

Brother and Sister Pastafarians,

I have been waiting for ages to be able to buy the FSM car plaque in the UK, as postage from the US is prohibitive. said they might order it in time from Christmas and I have been emailing them to see if they have it yet but can get no reply.

Any ideas where I can buy them in the UK?

Yours in noodley hope.

Persistent Pasta

26 11 2005

in time for Christmas, I mean…

10 07 2006
Standard Deviant» Blog Archive » This Guy is Back!

[…] Oh and one more thing. Back in May of 2002 I published an Open Letter to Kansas on an old blog. Well after spending a god forsaken day in your state, Kansas I am disappointed to say that not a god damn thing has changed. It is still a tough call which is duller, the drive or your citizens. The only thing that breaks up the drive is the occasional anti-abortion sign. And Lord forbid you have to get gas and your not near a major town. I paid $3.10 for a gallon of regular unleaded 15 miles outside of Salida. Your politicians argue who is more anti-choice but I would argue for mandatory abortions across the state. The only thing more annoying than your back-asswards politics are your toll roads. When I asked the toll booth attendant how I-70 could also be a toll road, he chipperly stated the toll was there first, got annexed into the interstate system and does not receive state or federal funding saving Kansans tax dollars. Hey douchebag! Tolls are a tax but now I am paying your taxes. Forced tax subsidies for Republicans! Where do I sign up? The only cool thing I did see was a car with a Flying Spaghetti Monster car plaque. The driver may have been on a mission of good will to the poor retarded Kansans. BTW, your state/toll-roads/citizens are douchebags of the week! Glad that hole left by Ken Lay’s death got filled. […]

25 09 2006
Charles Gessert

I would like to learn where I can purchase about 30 of the FSM car plaques. I saw one on a car the other day and I KNOW that this is the right Christmas present for my gang. Please send info.

18 03 2007

Hi All – I’m one of the co-founders of and I’m happy to say that we now stock loads of FSM, and other ‘fish’. We can deal with multiple orders too. Come see our site – Cheers.

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