Google Earth for Linux

18 10 2005

Computerworld: “A number of people are now working on a Linux port of Google Earth, but Rasmussen did not offer a release date.”

How about a Mac port instead?




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28 10 2005

What’s wrong with both? When there’s a functional, Free GNU/Linux port a MacOS port from that codebase will be trivial. Or do you really want a Mac version created to the exclusion of GNU/Linux users?

28 10 2005

How about a Slackware-amd3Dnow?.tgz

3 11 2005
shaijith KB

why dont include google erth also in linux ??
is it a monopoly for windows or other paid os???
u must include a google erth linux version….

6 11 2005

As a Linux user I’m obviously biased, but I am disappointed that there is no Google Earth for Linux at the moment… It may or may not be fair but whatever happened to “Don’t be evil” ? And but doesn’t Google use Linux itself on a fairly large scale ? Why not support the operating system that supports you ? Hmm ?

10 11 2005

How about a MO5 port instead of all your high-end stuff?

16 11 2005

Google you are not anymore my best friend!

20 11 2005

there is a product similar google earth for gnu/linux platform:
its considered not as good as google earth (resolution is less they say) but because of its open-source nature, it may be developed at a faster rate than others in the same category. many people have already written some plugins for it.

20 11 2005

in continuation with my earlier comment, this link provides more details on ports of World Wind on non-windows platforms:

9 12 2005

the strangest thing is that google earth fusion (the enterprise version) is MADE to work under the suse distribution!!

21 12 2005

Hoorah! and Not Hurrah 😦

Google Earth Fusion is a linux version(pro version) for SuSE Linux. Bad thing: costs buckets,


10 06 2009
Carlos Ney


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