Dilbert on Evolution, Part 2

15 11 2005

Scott Adams: “For the record, if you put a gun to my head and make me choose, I’ll pick Darwin’s version over Intelligent Design, although I am rooting for the alien seedling theory most of all. But I can’t base my opinion on credible evidence or on credible people. I just don’t have access to either. To me, the lack of credible PEOPLE is the most fascinating aspect of this debate.”

Oh my god, Scott! Of course if you insist on sticking your head up your ass, you won’t find any credible evolutionists. But the moment you stop, you might try reading some of Stephen Jay Gould‘s or Richard Dawkins‘ books. I can assure you that they are very readable and understandable by most people. If you do, you might be surprised of how credible some evolutionists can be.

Otherwise, you can continue being a presumptuous ignorant, if you like.




3 responses

27 08 2006

The sad thing is, that through linkage of not-intelligent-Design with bushies, neocons and the war on terror, Scott is apperantly too afraid to support evolutionary theory wholeheartedly. I have to admit he leans towards the sympathetically funny, though.

27 08 2006

someone said here, science is not a democracy, well it is kind of a post-democracy. Of course it’s true you cannot vote against the law of gravity. But when several people started to make flying machines, suddenly everyone ‘voted’ for that one that DIDN’T drop out of the sky. I just wanna be argumentative.
Someone said “if there is no debate, why is everybody arguing?” I think the blue-state scientists are arguing because they are completely flabbergasted by the amount of stupidity spewed by otherwise very normal looking people.
I for one, rather board a plane designed by an engineer than someone as stupid to think that planes fly because of the will of God.
And yes, I imagine that REAL Christians will feel offended by the basic notion behind IDiotism philosophy, namely that the existence of God can be scientifically proven …
Americans must be the greatest people in the world, for if ya can still dominate the world while having so much stupid people amongst you … what’ll happen when the IDiots die out? ‘Shudder’!

27 08 2006

on the danger of misrepresenting you (again!),
I’m sorry but I think it’s kinda lame, lazy and cowardly to hide behind ‘I can’t find any CREDIBLE evolutinary scientists’. Sorry to be harsh. For reason unbeknownst to the trained astrologist in me, it is a mystery how the inhabitants of the most technological advanced nation in the world (oh wait, no, that is Japan) inhabitants of the SECOND most technological advanced nation in the world, can be so superstitious as to basically ditch science. On this fundamental level.
It seems to be that Heinlein said it best when he stated that man is not a rational animal, but a rationalizing animal. Paired with the calvinistic desire for The Meaning Of It All, this has proven (I use this word with certain apprehension in these surroundings) to be a dumbing down event of a huge magnitude.
Instead of searching for the Meaning Of Life , we should all wonder WHY do people want to know the Meaning of Life in the first place? Why this search? (except for the search of the Monty Python film, which seems very meaningful to me). Why? Why? Goalseeking … that belongs in a football game, yall. We are here to make each other happy. Thats it.

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