No DVD drive for Intel iMacs?

22 11 2005

Apple Matters | The Intel iMacs Won’t Have A Disk Drive: “When Apple finally releases the new, Intel iMac it won’t have a disk drive in it. No CD drive, no DVD drive and no HD/Blu-Ray drive. Those technologies will be obsolete. What it will have is the next generation of Bluetooth and wireless technology. It will have plenty of ports to dock an iPod, flash drive or other portable media drive. And it, along with the rest of Apple’s lineup, will get a redesign. “

I find it difficult to believe this, even though Jobs pulled out a similar stunt when he released the first iMacs with no floppy drive. We already have recordable and rewritable CDs then, and USB keys. How are we expected to rip music, watch movies and backup our data now?

There’s just one technology that could replace disk drives: Ubiquitous, always-on, very-high-bandwidth connectivity. And even then you’ll always want a drive to watch a rented movie in those few places where the net doesn’t reach you.

(Via Jon.)




3 responses

22 11 2005
Steve Loughran

You aint meant to rip music, you are meant to buy it…

22 11 2005

Of course, I meant ripping music I legally own ;).

22 11 2005
Andrew Savory

I’d be delighted if Apple skipped the CD drive on the new powerbooks. I hardly use mine, so it’s wasted space 99% of the time. The 1% that I need it, I’d be happy using a desktop machine or buying an external USB/Firewire drive.

CDs and DVDs are *so* last year 😉

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