Graham's Ruby on Rails Experience, Part 1

24 11 2005

Headshot.jpgGraham Glass just started a series of articles about moving from PHP (not Java) to Ruby on Rails, something I am interested in following very closely.

Graham Glass: “This blog series will document my experience porting a non-trivial software application from PHP to Ruby on Rails.”

If you don’t know Graham, he’s the former CTO of WebMethods and founder of ObjectSpace and The Mind Electric. Looks like he knows his way around Java as well.




One response

28 11 2005
Agylen » Another migration to Rails

[…] After Graham Glass, here comes another old Java hand diving into Ruby on Rails. Elliotte Rusty Harold: “I tried writing some PHP pages, but that was more difficult than I expected so I thought I’d take a day and see if Ruby on Rails was all it was cracked up to be. I’d looked at it initially, but decided against it because IBiblio doesn’t yet support Ruby. But I’m prototyping this on my desktop Mac, and if Ruby makes my job a lot easier, I could find a different host.” […]

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