No ApacheCon 2005 for me as well

24 11 2005

HowardBlogPhoto.pngHoward Lewis Ship: “Hope I’m not disappointing too many people, but I will not be able to do the Tapestry Tutorials at ApacheCon on Dec 10th, as previously stated. They didn’t get enough tutorial sign ups by their Nov. 12th deadline (ApacheCon does terrible marketing), and since I really hadn’t wanted to do a tutorial in the first place, I offered to cancel rather than try and come up with a last-minute way to boost attendance.”

I’m in the same position as Howard. As of today, there’s only two people registered for my Cocoon tutorial (apologies to them), so I will probably ask the organizers to cancel it. And since they rejected the two other talks I submitted, I’d find it hard to justify spending a couple thousand dollars just to go to San Diego.

It’s a pity, but I will try to find comfort in exploiting the long weekend that starts on Dec. 8th (national holiday here) to begin the ski season. I hope that, if I cannot have tutorial attendees in San Diego, at least I can have snow on the Alps.




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