How many pages per visit?

6 12 2005

darren-rowse.jpgDarren Rowse: “While my “research” is far from scientific or accurate it’s an interesting figure. The average blog reader spends looks at less than two pages per visit.”

My statistics, as exemplified by the graph shown below (thanks to Google Analytics) are remarkably similar to those computed by Darren. I’ve tried to increase this ratio by linking to older articles in most entries here and this worked, to a point. Now I know that this is typical of most blogs: they just aren’t “sticky”.

Pageviews per visit

If you have a blog, what is the average number of pages per visit that you see?



3 responses

6 12 2005
Andrew Savory

It’s hovering around 1.6 pages for me … but analytics hasn’t been running on my site for very long.

30 12 2005

But would you not say that ‘stickiness’ in the traditional sense of websites isn’t necessarily what’s important/relevant for a blog?

I would imagine most blogs are consumed through RSS feeds (mine certainly are) — the sheer volume of traffic makes it so. Although I do often take a look over other articles, I tend not to, unless it’s lunch or sometime where I’m looking for inspiration and decide to take my mind off what I’m solving directly for a little while.

It’s an interesting issue though — one that I don’t think’s been covered that much yet: how to incorporate this kind of readership analysis into RSS feeds. Using web analytics is only a portion of the story. Mind you, that could be because my average page per visit is slightly above 1.0 right now 🙂

2 12 2008

The thing with blogs are that they attract a different type of reading then websites do.
A blog is a quick way to get information. Posts are generally short, you maybe linking to many outside pages. Also blogs tend to come up better tin search engines and therefore you might have a particular post in which people found through a search engine and after they read it never returned.

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