Google Analytics ups number of profiles

21 12 2005

Google Analytics logo.gifShortly after Google Analytics was opened to the public, they had lots of scalability problems and almost immediately blocked the creation of new accounts and limited the number of available profiles per user to one.

But logging in today, I saw the following announcement:

As part of our efforts in expanding system capacity, your account now has the ability to utilize additional profiles. The total number of profiles enabled is: 5.

So I immediately created another profile for The Open Source Zone, and installed the necessary Javascript snippet in all pages. Unfortunately, it looks like there’s still some problem:

Tracking Unknown (Last checked: 0000-00-00 12:00 AM PST.)
The Google Analytics tracking code has not been detected on your website’s home page. For Analytics to function, you or your web administrator must add the code to each page of your website.

I’m pretty sure the tracking code is correct. I’m also sure, by looking at the webserver logs, that no kind of Google bot requests my homepage every time I ask it to check the status. Moreover, the “last checked” date seems highly suspect.

Has anybody else been able to successfully add a new profile to Analytics, or is this yet another of Google’s missteps with Analytics?

Update: A few hours later, Analytics reports that my tracking code is OK and data is being collected. I guess you just need to be patient.



2 responses

21 12 2005
J Wynia

I got my 5th a week or 2 ago. Every site I’ve added takes at least 24-48 hours to start tracking. I’ve just learned to put the code in and wait a couple of days before worrying about it. In every case, it eventually picked it up and started tracking.

20 01 2006

Yeah it just takes a bit of time and it will start working 🙂

Apparently around 24h after adding the code – from what I have read.

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