Google's evilness low as a result of refusing to give in to Bush

20 01 2006

patriotsearch.gifGoogle’s stance on the DOJ request to turn over its search records was really appreciated by people, as yesterday’s 16% evilness rating (with 1084 votes so far) shows. I really think we need similar pages for Microsoft and Yahoo! I’m sure we’d have seen a pretty significant difference.

I have some changes for Google: Evil or Not? that I plan to publish this week-end, if I can make it, but adding new targets to track is going to take more time.

In the meantime, if you actively want to contribute to the war on terror with your searches, head over to Philipp’s Patriot Search engine. I would myself, but before I do, I want assurance that they won’t turn any of this dat over to Karl Rove ;).




One response

20 01 2006
Corsin Camichel

Hey Ugo

Do not chang to much 🙂 I do not want to change a lot of code on the Google IG-Module


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