Commuting from Hell when Hell freezes over

27 01 2006

Just when I thought the worst was behind me, having avoided the airline workers’ strike, the fiercest snow storm in the latest 30 years hits Northern Italy, rendering most airports almost inoperative. I give myself one chance in about 100,000 to actually make it there tonight and not having to spend another night in Amsterdam. Actually I hope to board the 7.20 plane tomorrow morning.

The photo below, which was sent to me by a colleague, demonstrates just how bad the situation is down there.


Update: this was written from a hotel room near Schiphol airport. I’m booked on the 7.20 plane, but I’m not sure it will take off on time, if at all.

Final update: 7.20 plane was cancelled, made it on the 9.40 flight to Rome and took a train from Rome to Milan. Made it home about 21 hours later than expected, but at least I made it.



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