Getting that Passion Back

14 02 2006

I really dug this post by Berin:

In fact, part of what causes me to get going is the mission to make stuff that enables users. Things that let them do what wasn’t possible before. Learning new tricks and applying them to old problems. Solving new problems, etc. Bottom line is that my days in corporate life are numbered. I am going to make stuff that rules, and I plan on making money doing it. I am going to have a job that encourages innovation — even if I have to create it. That’s what keeps my fires burning now.

Indeed, passion is what prompted us to start SourceSense. We want to make innovative stuff that makes users happy. And of course, if we make money doing this, we won’t complain ;).

While I’m on the subject, I want to remember everybody that we have a contest running and you still have plenty of time to submit your works of art and possibly win a MacBook Pro. We already received a fair number of submissions: Some good, some less so, but if you want to make our choice harder, keep ’em logos coming!




One response

15 02 2006


Very cool quote. That’s the kind of thing I lie awake at night dreaming about saying, heh heh.

So what, if I may be so bold, is SourceSense? More to the point, what kind of innovative stuff are you going to be creating? If it’s not still top secret :).



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