Google speaks Ruby (on Rails)

15 02 2006

measuremap.gifDavid Heinemeier Hansson: “MeasureMap just got bought out by Google. I believe that’s the first Ruby on Rails application to be picked up in a Web 2.0’ish buyout. And it didn’t even have to launch, take that Yahoo! Speaking of, I’m now having a sale of futures in ideas for apps that I haven’t even thought of. Who’s bidding?”

Picture me envious! Here’s hoping that my Ruby on Rails application is the second one to be picked up. Yahoo! are you listening?.

Now, more seriously, Google will probably need some Ruby programmers soon so, if you have any experience, it’s maybe time to polish up your resume and send it to Google Jobs.

Last, if Measure Map is as good as they (the lucky few beta testers) say, I hope they move to an open beta soon. I don’t dislike Analytics too much, apart from the lagging issue, but having a more blog-oriented tool would rock.

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2 responses

15 02 2006
Rob Sanheim

I’m sure Google has plenty of people internally who know Ruby, given the type of engineers they hire. They also brought on some of the measuremap guys, so I don’t think they will really need rails skills immediately. I know they use Python moreso for their scripting type stuff.

16 02 2006
Dion Almaer

Here’s hoping that the engineers doing Java and such get jealous of the Measure Map team as they see their productivity 😉

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