16 02 2006

campfirelogo.gifThe fine folks at 37signals have released another one of their nice, ajaxy, web-2.0-ish, ruby-on-rails applications: Campfire. Campfire is a web-based, group chat for businesses and it looks real cool.

I’m currently test-driving it and if you want to join my room for discussing Open Source, Web stuff, business opportunities or the weather in Amsterdam 😉 click here.

Update: with just four available access slots in the trial version, it will be difficult to come in. Moreover, it also looks like if you close your browser window, you’ll still figure as online, thus occupying one of the slots apparently forever…

Updated update: looks like idle users get thrown out in about 90 minutes. It would be great if this interval were configurable, but at least it’s there. Good.

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