Crop circles from the satellite, and people too

21 02 2006

CropCircle.jpgIt doesn’t matter whether you believe crop circles are made by alien intelligences or are just pranks, it’s indisputable that sometimes they are real works of art. Now the fine people at Google Sightseeing have started collecting images of crop circles as they can be seen on Google Maps. Cool stuff!

On a related note, Antonella Pavese is collecting Google Maps pictures where people are visible, in the 2006 Google Earth Census. Until recently, the world as seen from Google Maps/Earth seemed eerily uninhabited, as if some mysterious epidemic has swept it empty of all human life, just like in some sci-fi movie. But recently, with the increased resolution made available by Google, it has been easier to spot people on satellite pictures. I wonder if, in the future, resolution will become so hight that it will be feasible to actually recognize some of those people. Scary, huh?

(Via Davide.)

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