Newsvine: The Slowest Wire News on the Web

2 03 2006

newsvine.jpgToday, yet another memetracker, but this time with more than a twist, launched: Newsvine. They promise to be “the fastest wire news on the web”. I wanted to look around a bit and evaluate if I could use it as another news source for Evil or Not? or maybe as the news source for it, leaving behind me all the hassles of dealing with the idiosyncrasies of each source’s feed format, minor or major RSS/Atom screwups and, what is most important, having to measure the relevance of every single item.

Unfortunately, the site seems to be running very slowly at the moment. Probably they’re having too much traffic right now, with every blogger and tech news site pointing at them, but still I wonder if they haven’t undersized the infrastructure just a bit. Hope it’s just a temporary problem that can be fixed with a little tuning and maybe some more resources, because the service looks really interesting.

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One response

3 03 2006

Yep, we had a little technical hiccup this morning, which was smoothed out in short order.

Welcome to The Vine 🙂

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