Re: Maps, satellite photos and Grand Theft Stupid

3 03 2006

Mathew Ingram: “The interface, as David points out, is ridiculous – a cheesy, video-game style rendering of a car’s cockpit, which you can switch from a regular car to a race car (complete with fire extinguisher). Quirky and fun? Maybe. I would add ‘stupid and useless’ to that list as well though.”

I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes Mike is prone to just hyping too much. And Scoble is hyping as well, which is understandable maybe, since this is a Microsoft product. But this does not guarantee that it’s a valid product. In fact, it sucks like a inverted hurricane.

You might have noticed that I didn’t link to either Scobleizer or TechCrunch. The reason why I didn’t is that I resolved to join the revenge of the M-listers. Sign me up as well! From now on, I’m going to link to a selected group of M-listers only. This group excludes software development guys, at least initially: I want to read more about business, marketing, the media and technology in general, for a while.

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