My Google rankings just went through the floor

9 03 2006

I had this very unpleasant surprise yesterday. I started noticing a considerable decrease in traffic coming here via “organic” (i.e. search-originated) referrals from Google. A brief check confirmed that my rankings for several terms for which I was among the first results went south by a long range. One phrase which showed one of my URLs as the first or second hit is now ranking 214th! Other ones are nowhere to be found, even after 50 pages of results.

Still, the number of indexed pages and backlinks stayed about the same as before.

As aboout 80% of my traffic was coming from Google, you can imagine how much of hit I took. This is all very annoying, especially considering that I never engaged in any “black hat SEO” tactics, like hidden text, doorway pages, cloaking, and buying or selling links.

I followed Matt Cutts’ advice, submitted a reinclusion request, got an automated reply, and followed up via email. Let’s hope they examine my request soon.

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One response

9 03 2006

If it’s any consolation, you’re number three on Wiki’s Top 43 blogs…

BiBi x

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