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13 03 2006

Maybe I should add a new category to this weblog: rants. Yesterday I was pissed off at Microsoft, the USPTO and Google. Today, it’s the small guys’ turn, namely Kevin Burton and his Tailrank.

You see, I really like Tailrank. I like it so much that I wanted to support it by buying some ad impressions, as explained here. But soon after I bought the first set of impressions, all ads disappeared from the website and the RSS feeds. This was more than a month ago, and only after repeatedly bugging Kevin via email, ads started appearing again. But wait, the only ad that always shows on Tailrank is for Kevin’s own blog! Funny.

OK, so maybe I shouldn’t make all this fuss for ten miserable bucks, but these days I easily get annoyed. So I’m officially pissed off at Tailrank and I want you to know it.

Update: Kevin in the comments belows says that my ad effectively ran, a thing which I had not understood before. So it looks like it was just a communication problem. My apologies to Kevin.

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3 responses

13 03 2006
Kevin Burton


Actually I think it was 3 weeks or so after your ad that Tailrank stopped runnign them. Your first ad actually ran through correctly so you $10 was spent correctly.

I added the ads back up and added my blog just so that something will be there.

If you’re upset by it I can just run you a free ad spot for a while…

Also. Discontinuing the ads was more of a mistake than a strategy decision. I added a feature to collapse the ads if there was no more inventory but it didn’t show the ‘advertise here’ feature for some reason.


14 03 2006

If you say it ran, I have no problem believing you. Also, I see now that what we had was just a communication problem.

Given this, I think I will buy another set of impressions, even though with exactly zero click-throughs over 5,000 impressions, this does not look like a very good investment.

14 03 2006
Kevin Burton

Hm…. Maybe I can play with placement. With Crazyegg I can see what people are actually clicking on and where the hotspots are.

It would be interesting to see whats going on when I’m running an ad campaign.

The downside though is they don’t appear to work with adsense but that might be ok.


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